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LG’s V10 Unveiled

LG’s V10 Unveiled
LG’s V10 Unveiled

LG officially unveiled its latest flagship—V10—in Tehran on Thursday.

Present at the event was LG Electronics’ product manager, Kang Man Lee, who highlighted the popularity of social media among Iranians while adding that V10 offers an optimal experience in browsing social media networks, Gadget News reported.

According to Yashar Poursistani, mobile communication marketing specialist at LG, said the phone will officially be released on the Iranian market on December 26, priced at 20 million rials ($545 at free market exchange rate).  


Although sold internationally in six colors, the handset will be sold in only black and white in Iran. The phone comes in two versions with 32 and 64 gigabytes storage, but the microSD slot will enable users to increase storage up to 200 gigabytes. The phone also has 4GB of RAM.

V10 offers two screens and two front-facing cameras. When the main screen is off, the mini-screen shows the date, time, battery level and a weather icon. It can also give you notification icons.

If you swipe the mini-screen, you can move to shortcuts. These allow you to toggle the sound level, WiFi, torch and camera.

The main screen is a 1440×2560 model, achieving 515ppi. The first function of the second screen is to give you quick access to recently-used apps.

V10 is interesting in that it offers two front-facing cameras. The idea behind this is that you can opt for either a close-up selfie, or a wide-angle one. In reality, the sensors are 5 megapixels.

V10 also supports RAW photo-shooting, which gives you a lot of flexibility with images.

The phone is fairly large and the material on the back is rubberized and textured, which stops you from feeling like it is going to fall out of your hand.

V10 uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 808 mobile processor and also contains a fingerprint scanner in the lock button.

 US Sales

According to The Korea Herald, LG said it has sold more than 450,000 V10 units in the United States roughly 45 days after the initial launch of the phone. This translates to about 10,000 units per day.

The company said the handset has proven most popular with the younger generation, with about 37% of its buyers between the ages of 25 and 34.

This is perhaps partially due to the ease of creating high quality video content on the V10 and the fact that it’s the first smartphone to employ a manual video recording mode.