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Elecomp 2015 Rounds Off

Elecomp 2015 Rounds Off
Elecomp 2015 Rounds Off

To receive a range of government support, information and communications technology companies should follow similar procedures that knowledge-based companies do, said the vice president for science and technology.

Sorena Sattari made the statement in the closing ceremony of Iran's 21st International Exhibition of Electronics, Computer and E-Commerce (Elecomp) held at Tehran's International Fairground in the north of the capital.

Sattari noted that registering as a knowledge-based firm has several benefits, such as receiving cheap loans, tax exemptions and customs benefits.

According to an exhibition press release, he further said Internet has played an increasing role in the lives of Iranians, "regardless of their age and educational background".

The official added that electronic trade is currently offering abundant job opportunities.

A joint committee has been formed with representatives of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology as well as the Presidential Office for Science and Technology. The committee aims to promote the use of local technologies so that telecommunications equipment can be produced in Iran.

A total of 420 local and foreign firms attended the 21st Elecomp and nearly 50 state-affiliated organizations were present. Iran’s ICT Guild Organization hosted this year’s event that rounded off on Thursday.

Reza Baqeri-Asl, the deputy for electronic governance at the Information and Technology Organization of Iran, also noted that the next edition of Elecomp should gain a better foothold if the government allows firms from the private sector to manage more of the services.  

According to Baqeri-Asl, the realm of technology has grown considerably and, with proper management, can help boost the country's economy.

"Currently, ICT has a meager 2% share in the national economy. By the end of the sixth five-year economic development plan (2016-21), the number is expected to rise to 19.5%," he said.

Baqeri-Asl stressed that the ICT sector is in need of fundamental reform for achieving its development target, adding that the situation must change so that more private businesses could operate in this field.

Nasser Ali Saadat, the head of Iran's ICT Guilds, noted that several foreign delegations visited this year's Elecomp and showed interest in participating in next year's event.

To promote entrepreneurship in a national framework, more than 80 Iranian new online businesses presented their services in a separate pavilion to attract investment for their business concepts. The fledgling companies were not charged for the space allocated to them. Saadat promised that the newly-founded Internet businesses will be given a larger space next year.

"We expect to host nearly 500 young companies next year," he said.

"We are working to implement constructive changes in next year's event, such as holding the expo earlier in the year when the weather conditions are more amiable. We also hope to extend visiting hours until 7 p.m.," he said.

Over 1,000 people visited Elecomp 2015 in only three days. More than 100 local and 10 foreign media outlets covered the event.

Donya-e-Eqtesad, the Financial Tribune's sister Persian publication, was one of the many sponsors of the event.