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Office Furniture Site Launched

Office Furniture Site LaunchedOffice Furniture Site Launched

A new website for purchasing office furniture has been launched.

Registered by Mehrdad Fakher, according to Domain Tools, the website aims to give business owners a new outlet to buy their office equipment without having to head down to the bazaar, Webna reported.

Named, it is fully compatible for both desktop and mobile applications, and meets all modern web standards to be listed in Google’s recently updated search requirements, something many Iranian sites still miss.

Khooger lists the usual office equipment, including a wide range of office chairs, desks, conference suits and front desk counters among others.

Users can pay online and the product is delivered to the specified location.

The website has also taken a leaf out of the social network with an added dialogue space for customers to comment on the items.

The site, which is a first of its kind in Iran, aims to take the upper end of the business market, directly targeting the business enterprise, unlike Bamilo that aims to grab the consumer’s attention.

It is reminiscent of other sites abroad like Office World, a US-based company catering to the needs of commercial clients, as well as IKEA that sells modern furniture.

As a new site, it is not expected to gain a large amount of hits immediately. However, according to, the website is currently listed at 12,150 in Iran heading on a downward projection, though on it scores respectively much higher at 3,836 in Iranian rankings, which is quite a marked difference.

According to the latter, the site has a bounce rate of 29.40% and has 11.50 page views per visitor.

Since April, the site has seen a gradual increase in its views, starting at 5,000 views a month and now garnering around 15,000, according the Similarweb.

The site gets 53.78% of the views as referrals, with (a local social network) sending the most referrals and is next in line for influencing the next largest amount of views.

In terms of how people search for the website, surprisingly for a specific website, the keyword of “Khooger” in Persian comes in first with 78% of the searches through Google.

Unsurprisingly, according to Alexa, a near majority of visitors to the site are men, with a disproportionately lower amount of women visitors.

True to the professional nature of the site, the vast majority of the site viewers, according to Alexa, are college-educated people making enquiries from workplaces.

Considering the site is ready for both mobile and desktop, with the ability to cater to the b2b market instead of the end consumer, which has been the trend in recent months, it is likely to have a good run.