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The Next Leap: Online Marketing

The Next Leap:  Online Marketing The Next Leap:  Online Marketing

It’s something every marketing manager faces: the hassle of finding the perfect local digital marketing agency.

With stacks of work piling up on your desk—or the number of impending emails—managing your digital media/marketing needs becomes an urgent issue and a load worth outsourcing.

In Iran, there is a desperate need for qualified digital marketing professionals. With most local traditional agencies focused on offline advertising, they fail to properly evaluate market power and produce unpromising results.

With a growing number of international companies focused on Iran’s market, the need for localized digital marketing agencies that meet international standards is acute.

It does not come as a surprise for one of the pioneers of Iranian startups, Anetwork—estimated to be worth $3 million last year—to take a leap into the world of digital media.

With an annual growth encompassing 600%, Anetwork made a strategic decision to merge with an award-winning advertising agency, NOXEL, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, to become one of the first digital media agencies in the country.

“With the merger of our companies, we have brought local experts as well as international ad agency professionals under one roof,” Farbod Sadeghian, head of NOXEL and new partner of Anetwork, stated.

“We are well known for our cost per click platform, but our new target is to help grow our customer base by providing solutions within the fields of digital strategy and business consulting, social media management, web/mobile strategy and development, content marketing, search engine optimization and search engine marketing, online public relations and analytics,” Shayan Shalileh, co-founder and director of Anetwork, stated.

These services are accompanied by a "marketing dashboard" that helps manage active services simultaneously.

The marketing scene in the western market is flooded with information and marketers find it a challenge to stand out from the crowd; the situation in Iran is completely the reverse. There is a desperate need for content to be published in the Persian language and with over 44 million users online, it is a potential goldmine for acquiring customers.

“It’s a truly revolutionary platform that allows chief marketing officers to manage every aspect of their online marketing campaigns in Persian,” Saeed Rahmani, head of Sarava Pars—a local venture capital group, explained.

From email automation to SEO analytics, Iranian CMOs may soon have a reliable platform compatible with the Persian language to manage every aspect of their digital marketing needs, according to the press release of the company.

In the past year, Iran’s online presence has been a popular topic of discussion. With an estimated 44 million Internet users, 120% smartphone penetration rate according to BMI, coupled with high online engagement rate—over three times compared to the North American Market (US and Canada)—Iran has a promising future and may catch up with the western market in a short period of time.