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Samsung Launches 2 Flagships

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Samsung Launches  2 Flagships
Samsung Launches  2 Flagships

Samsung unveiled two flagships in Iran on Sunday.

Galaxy Note5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ were introduced in a press conference held at Tehran's Milad Tower.

Walking an isle adorned with tall white blocks on either side of a blue carpet that showcased the company's achievements dating back to 1988, attendees arrived at a hall where Duke Park, the CEO of Samsung Iran, delivered the inaugural speech.

The guests were asked to mark their photos and videos of the event with hashtag #NextGalaxyIran and the people were promised an award for the best contribution.

Referring to the company as the leading player in the global cellphone market due to the success of its smartphone flagships, Park provided an overview of Samsung's most notable achievements.

Noting that in 2011, Samsung set a record by producing 300 million smartphones, Park added that just a year later it became the global market leader in smartphones. He also declared that the company became the world's largest manufacturer of wearable products in 2014.

"Samsung mobile phones entered Iran and other countries simultaneously and in a few years it has become the mobile market leader in Iran," he said.

Park said the company's success has not diverted its attention from its corporate social responsibilities to the Iranian community.

"The company is proud to have fulfilled several CSR projects, including the Hope for Children campaign that started in 2012," he said.

The campaign launched several educational activities for Iranian children from all types of backgrounds. Other notable projects include setting up audio libraries for blind children, an engineering academy for young enthusiasts, environmental activities and sport programs.

According to Park, over the past decade Samsung has also collaborated with budding Iranian companies in the development of mobile market infrastructures by bringing the latest knowhow and technology to the country.

Ali Jafariyeh, head of Iran Mobile Business at Samsung Electronics, provided a brief summary of Samsung's Note series.

Quoting Samsung's President J. K. Shin, he said the success of the company is owed to a simple policy: listening to the market and trying to keep abreast of customers' needs and trends.

Jafariyeh added that Samsung not only follows but also creates trends. Two such examples are the introduction of large screens for smartphones and having smartphones function as people's personal assistants.

He distinguished between two types of mobile phone users: multimedia users and multi-taskers.

Samsung's Galaxy S6 edge+ is targeted for multimedia users who use their phones to take pictures, share pictures on the Net, watch videos and browse social media networks.

As for multi-taskers who use their phones to schedule their daily routine, check emails, jot down notes in meetings and even sketch, Galaxy Note 5 is the phone of their choice.

Next, the company's product manager, Alireza Kadkhodaei, and marketing manager, Atefeh Poorsadrollah, each took the podium respectively to describe the technical details of the two phones. Guests were then ushered to a venue close by where they could watch a demonstration of the products' features.

Samsung's Galaxy S6 edge+ has a 5.7-inch, 1440×2560 display. It gets its name from the double-curved display, which drips off to the left and right as you hold the phone vertically. This makes the screen look bigger than it actually is, provides a more comfortable grip. At 6.9 mm and 153 grams, its glass and metal body still feels sturdy.

The Note 5, which is 7.6 mm thick and weighs 170 grams, has an eye-catching design, high-end hardware and takes great outdoor photos. It has incrementally improved upon last year's Note 4.

It has a stylus, called an S Pen, lodged in a sheath in the bottom-right corner of the phone. It launches a menu every time you take it out, this is a good phone to buy if you want to write by hand.

Both Note 5 and S6 edge+ are supersized versions of Galaxy S6 and S6 edge models that Samsung debuted back in March.

The company has not said when the phones will be released in Iran nor has it set a price yet.

At a game zone set up by the event's organizers, guests took part in numerous drawing games that featured the latest Samsung phones. Winners of the contests were given monopod camera holders or "selfie-sticks".