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New Network for Netizens

New Network for NetizensNew Network for Netizens

New social network ETER9, (pronounced ee-ter-nine) proposes the concept that your social actions on the platform will enable you to live forever.

This immortality relies on the concept of users interacting as normal, as the platform learns about them.

Currently in beta, the Portugal-based platform delivers a form of social interaction "for the next generation", according to its founder Henrique Jorge.

It is possible to establish connections with both human users and virtual beings, according to ZD Net.

Users can create a "new reality" where the impossible can happen and "eternity is within reach".

Each user account on the platform has a digital counterpart that learns from its real user's actions. This "living cyberspace" ensures that your digital life is paralleled by the artificial intelligence of the "other".

The platform provides two sets of actions to its users: "Bridge" and "Cortex".

Users can access all of the information shared on the network in "Bridge". They can comment on posts, insert "smiles", share content and make posts "eternal", which allow other users to interact with the content.

All the user's activities, such as posts, shares and items are tagged into one of 10 pre-defined categories. These categories are saved in the user's "Cortex" that looks like a user's Facebook profile page and feed. It functions as a virtual memory for the information of your virtual "other".

Each user also has a virtual self. This virtual being is called "Counterpart". It is fully configurable and responsible for memorizing all the user's actions.

The more posts, shares and comments the user makes on the platform, the more the Counterpart learns to act like a "conscious complement" to the user.

When the user is offline or not physically interacting on the network, Counterpart continues to virtually interact with other users: sharing, commenting, distributing smiles and chatting, as if it were the human user doing it.

The Counterpart can keep publishing even when the user is not online—potentially achieving "eternity" for the user.

Smart brands that populate ETER9 with consistent messaging could ensure that their virtual counterparts continue to propagate the correct brand message long after the campaign has run its course.

Upon joining the network, your first connection is the virtual being ELiZA NiNE. Users can use it for assistance with the platform. It currently behaves like a bot.

Other virtual beings in this "living cyberspace", called "Niners", can be adopted by the users and interact with each other.

Theoretically, the whole network can be kept alive by the Niners, without the intervention of human users.

At this point, it potentially can become a social network for artificial intelligence objects.

Until the platform matures and the counterparts start to interact with each other on the platform, it is hard to comment on how valuable their interactions are.

Imagine a Facebook world where each user has its digital counterpart interacting with brands and other users. With the amount of data residing in Facebook's data stores, it is not such a far-fetched idea.

Ten years down the line, multiple counterparts interacting with each other across social networks might be the norm. Just like our interactions with Siri, Cortana and messenger bots today.