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Medicinal Plant Trading System Ready for Launch

Medicinal Plant Trading System  Ready for LaunchMedicinal Plant Trading System  Ready for Launch

An Internet-based system focused on trading medicinal plants of good quality at reasonable prices will be launched this week.

The system has been developed by researchers at Iran’s Medicinal Plants Center, Mohammad Baqer Rezaei, head of the center, was quoted as saying by IRNA.

“Medicinal plants are currently highly sought after by several organizations. However, the plants are difficult to obtain, prices are not reasonable and quality is not satisfactory. Settling such matters in the local market is the main reason for creating the website,” he said.     

Rezaei explained that the system will provide a range of services and promote investment in the production of herbal medicine.

“Consultants will offer advice on launching medicinal plant projects. Enthusiasts will also be able to obtain high-tech facilities via the website,” he said.

According to the official, herbal medicine trade is currently “undesirable”, so to improve its production and trade, the center is recruiting specialists who can help boost accessibility to the site.

“Producing herbs of higher quality will surely increase sales as well,” he said.

“For such business to be economically justifiable, we need to focus on mass-producing medicinal plants in the long run.”

Iran is home to 8,000 types of plants, 1,600 of which have medicinal applications. Despite the diverse range, the plants are sold without being processed.