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Tadbir Satellite Ready for Launch

Tadbir Satellite Ready for LaunchTadbir Satellite Ready for Launch

Researchers at Iran University of Science and Technology have built an imaging satellite named "Tadbir."

"This new technological achievement is the result of efforts made by an 80-strong team of the university's researchers. Tadbir is ready for launch," said IUST's research and technology deputy, Amir Hossein Davaei, at a press conference on Monday.

Tadbir will orbit the Earth at an altitude of 160 and 2,000 km, commonly known as Low Earth Orbit, IRNA reported.

Researchers from IUST had previously successfully launched Navid-e-Elm, a satellite currently in orbit. They are also working on another satellite named Zafar.

"Our researchers have also been developing a device for the rehabilitation of quadriplegic patients," he said.

 The device will help the patients stand with a walker via a computer and by stimulating the patient's muscles.

According to the official, the device is currently being clinically tested in one of Tehran's hospitals. With the help of the Presidential Office's Science and Technology Department, it will be commercialized after completing the trial successfully.

The official also said that the university has another massive project underway.

"We will be electrifying trains going from Tehran to Mashhad," he said.

"The university will be tendering the project. We have received a number of offers from international firms, which will be studied in due time."


For developing technologies and commercializing recent findings in the field, the university recently set up a Tech-Road.

The main aims are to promote innovation, manage technologies and provide technological backup.

If students are interested in developing a technological device and wish to enter it into scientific competitions they can find all the support they need at the Tech-Road's Innovation Base.

To reduce the time between the conceiving of an idea and its development into a prototype, the Tech-Road also features a workshop for accelerating model-making plus a technology bazaar. Students can acquire all the materials, electronic devices and laboratory equipment they need at the bazaar.

The university is also seeking potential investors to fund the projects.

According to the latest rankings released by Thomson Reuters, IUST is listed among the top 100 Asian universities along with Sharif University of Technology and Isfahan University of Technology.