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Tech Startup Center Launched

Tech Startup Center LaunchedTech Startup Center Launched

A technology and innovation startup center, affiliated to the Presidential Office's Science and Technology Department, has been officially launched at Pardis Technology Park east of Tehran.

The center has begun operations to create an environment conducive to the promotion of entrepreneurship and private enterprise, IRNA reported.

The center will host and facilitate independent events and hold educational courses on ways to build startup businesses.

As stated in the center's statute, promoting the establishment of accelerators, boosting research activities and supporting teams with viable business ideas are among its top goals.

To boost performance, the growth of startups will be assessed constantly. Much effort will be put into consolidating ideas for creating sustainable businesses and jobs.

The center will also focus on facilitating production and development cycles as well as marketing new products. They will also provide legal counseling and support startup activities.

President Hassan Rouhani's administration has put a lot of effort into promoting technologies and science-based economy. Since he took office, Iran's online businesses have thrived with the help of major accelerators like Avatech and MAPS.

The buzz behind supporting Iran's tech community has grown in recent months with startup experts Plug & Play Tech Center, run by Tehran native Saeed Amidi, co-hosting the largest gathering of technology entrepreneurs at iBridges Berlin earlier this year.

Over the past few years, startup weekends have frequently been held at universities, which provide an ideal opportunity for young and creative minds to follow their business ambitions.

The dynamic and productive interactions among universities, students and accelerators have opened new doors for innovative businesses and created several jobs.

Pardis Technology Park has been officially called the region’s "paradise of technology." The park is under the supervision of the government's Science and Technology Department and a local 14-entity Board of Trustees comprising corporate and real bodies from ministries, science centers and academies headed by the First Vice President Es'haq Jahangiri. The goals of the park are to pursue the commercialization of research and establish sustainable ties between tertiary academic sector and private industry.

Located on a 38-hectare plot, the site has been built in two phases. The site is 20 km from the northeast vicinity of Tehran.