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Websites Losing Value

Websites Losing ValueWebsites Losing Value

Yesterday sold for €2,900 ($3,150) in an online auction on  Unfortunately for the seller, he had paid $6,180 to buy the domain name on Sedo in 2014.This is after the same domain sold for $20,452 on Sedo in 2008, according to domain analytics website NameBio. The value of has dropped 85% since 2008. In real estate, the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices only consider homes that have sold at least twice, reports DNW. This way they can compare the value of the same home. This is much better than saying that home values in an area are increasing based on average numbers, such as price per square foot. It is hard to do that in the domain name business since there are rarely sales in which the original and subsequent sale are public. is one such case. It is not surprising to some industry professionals that this domain has fallen in value due to the increase in third-tier domains.