Microsoft Derogatory Domains Registered
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Microsoft Derogatory Domains Registered

There has been a lot of chatter lately about the .Sucks domain name and how brands feel like they’re being coerced into paying large sums of money to protect themselves. At the same time, a lot of these companies are not paying $10 to register at BrandSucks.com. An exception is Microsoft, which is getting out ahead of feedback on its new Microsoft Edge browser by snapping up derogatory domain names. Among the company’s domain name registrations: MicrosoftEdgeSucks.com, MSEdgeSucks.com, MSFTEdgeSucks.com and WhyEdgeSucks.com. The company also registered dozens of domain names, including the new Microsoft Edge brand in multiple top-level domain names. Many of these registrations are typos, such as microsoftede.com and microsoftegde.com. Large multinational corporations often register rude domain names ahead of any product launch to preempt clever comments and comedians buying them up.


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