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Bazaar Goes Online

Bazaar Goes OnlineBazaar Goes Online

Another week comes, another online marketplace is set up. This seems to be the largest area of growth for startup entrepreneurs in 2015. With that in mind, the latest off the block is, a new online marketplace which says it is looking to become Iran's Amazon Marketplace, or Ali Baba, according to Web News Agency.

Like other marketplace setups around the globe, Tejareh aims to give the buyer a place to move their personal and business positions. One of the unique social features of this new site is "heart button" a means of liking the item and also a commenting tab.

 The site takes after the likes of Amazon with similar items feed, allowing users to look at items in the same category their item is listed in. It also lists a directory for sellers to promote their real-world stores.

However, does have the downside of being unregulated. Some traders are offering transfers of money abroad, as well as get-rich-quick schemes. The problem with sites like this is one or two troublesome merchants and the whole reputation of the site could go on the line.

  Bazaar Toranj

Following Tejareh is Bazaar Toranj (Orange Market), which unlike its name, sells household goods and electronic items by supported manufacturers like Samtel. The website, originally registered in Sweden, aims to take a bite out of other traditional online retailers like Albasco.  The new site aims to work as a buying club, something that has fallen out of favor with buyers in recent years. This site also has social element to its design, allowing users to discuss items among themselves. The site although in its rudimentary stage has an protection, Iran's online guarantee service, as well as a customer chat box for live interaction with their support.