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5G Iran by 2025

5G Iran by 2025
5G Iran by 2025

By 2025, 5G Internet will achieve 100% penetration, an official with the Research Center of Communications and Information Technology, said.

According to Mohammad Khansari, the research center plans to localize 5G technology and implement it across the nation, therefore a comprehensive roadmap is being developed, Mehr News Agency reported.

He added that to understand the potentials of the new 5G technology, the research phase will work to discover the best potential uses of fifth-generation Internet.

Khansari also said the Telecoms Ministry began to look at the launch of super-fast Internet last year. The completion of that step has helped clarify a macro vision in regards with planning, the official said.

"We do not intend to be a mere consumer of the technology, therefore it is necessary to carry out extensive research and localize the technology before 5G enters the market," he explained.

He elaborated that to meet the goal, academics will be trained and the needed laws will also be clarified, thus "the 5G experience in Iran is expected to be more successful than 4G and 3G, but it is also necessary to draw on the experience of foreign countries in this regard."

The five-year roadmap also emphasizes enhancing the role of the private sector. The scientific contribution of science-based firms and technology parks is essential, he noted.  

During the next few months, the goals of the roadmap will be clearly set out and ratified by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Sub-projects and key measures will be carried out with a unified view, following the ministry's approval. Optimal usage of resources and strategic synergy are high on the agenda. Protecting the privacy of our citizens is also a pressing matter, Khansari said.   

Once the research step is completed, executive policymaking and production will be finalized by the High Council of Cyberspace.