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New Malware Protection Announced

New Malware Protection AnnouncedNew Malware Protection Announced

Iran has implemented a domestic intrusion detection system capable of protecting production lines in industrial organizations against cyber attacks and malware.

Adel Malekpour, the project manager, told Mehr News Agency that IDS has been now installed in 150 locations around the country, noting this domestically-manufactured system is capable of protecting production lines in industrial organizations against malwares.

Stressing the need to protect the country’s sensitive and vital centers in line with the objectives of Iran's passive defense, Malekpour added that IDS enjoys a high level of security due to its domestic operating system.

Malekpour also said that Sanay System Development Company had already installed a cyber-threat integrated management system in various organizations in the country.

“The current IDS is able to detect intrusion and control gateways against viruses. It has also a number of modules for various kinds of anti-virus software,” he said.

He added that the product’s laboratory sample has already become operational and presently, the main version of the system with a capability of 5 gigabits per second output for testing intrusion is ready to be implemented in large-scale industrial enterprises.

In 2010, a malware worm Stuxnet attacked Iranian nuclear faclities trying to intrude the systems and causing self-destruction in centrifuges.

The attack, however, was detected and removed. Based on evidence the United States and the Israeli regime were behind the attack.