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G4 Makes Iran Debut

G4 Makes Iran Debut
G4 Makes Iran Debut

LG Electronics on Tuesday officially released its most “luxurious” leather-coated G4 smartphone for the Iranian market in Tehran’s newest electronics mall, Charsou, in Tehran.

The new flagship, which was launched in South Korea and the United Arab Emirates last month, will hit the shelves of all major retailers in the country this week.

The South Korean giant is hoping the successor to G3 will sell well and expects a significant boost in its smartphone sales across the global markets. The new device will cost technology-savvy Iranian users 23 million rials for the leather variant and 25 million rials for the metal body, as prices suggest. It has 32 GB internal memory with an option of micro-SD card slot while high-capacity 3,000 mAh removable battery offers longer talk time to users.

“We’re expecting the G4 to be snapped up in the Iranian market, considering how conscious Iranian buyers are of style.” Kaveh Moftakhari, PR manager, LG Iran, told Financial Tribune at the launch event.

“We’ve invited the president of LG Middle East and Africa today, Mr. Kevin Cha, along with our select VIP guests from our social networks, along with some premier retailers at our later session.”

The G4’s 16-megapixel camera features a rare-in-smartphones F1.8 aperture lens, which allows 80 percent more light to hit the image sensor than in the G3. For selfies, LG includes an industry-leading eight megapixels front-facing camera for sharp, detailed portraits and group shots. In addition, manual mode allows experienced photographers the ability to exercise more artistic expression by letting them directly control the focus, shutter speed, ISO, exposure compensation and white balance for every shot.

Moftakhari went on to say, “We’ve had a very good experience with our G2, G3 phones over the past couple of years. We hope this will have a good sales compared with our competitors, some of whom have been here. However our growth in the past 12 months in Iran has been amazing.”

He added that through the company’s new VIP services, they hope to build a good reputation with the technology aficionados inside Iran.

“The Iranian market is for LG one of the most important markets for our company. In fact I can say Iran is now among the top 20 countries for our products.”

Moftakhari added that “LG’s brand position in the market remains strong, however the threat of Chinese interlopers with their cheap products is beginning to be a growing threat to their overall market dominance.”

Downstairs, outside LG’s new flagship store, hundreds of people were lining up for their chance to win a free G4 via a unique competition, the winners of which were announced on Tuesday evening.