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Phishing Con Artists Up Attacks

Phishing Con Artists Up Attacks
Phishing Con Artists Up Attacks

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has warned people of SMS 'phishing' messages that offer cash prizes to capture sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and debit card details.

According to Mehr News Agency, it has been a while since scam operators target cellphone users with instant messages by masquerading as a trustworthy entity at the ministry or its divisions. However, the ministry's public relations office announced that such messages are in no way associated with the ministry or its affiliated organizations.

Concerned with the burgeoning number of fraudulent messages as a new threat to cellphone users, the ministry called on the public to be cautious about text messages sent to users on the pretext of entering them into a game or websites with tips on how to optimally manage their cellphones.

There is more room for concern given that most people are unaware of the peril and a large number of mobile users do not treat their phones with the same level of caution they would their computers.

"Such messages are intended for scams and users must not fall for the trick", the ministry advised.

Those who have fallen victim can lodge a complaint with the country's cyber police.

The growth in cyber crime has been relatively negligible in recent years, however with the growth of online banking transactions the cyber threat has grown incrementally with the usage, as people are unaware of the procedures when using online and phone banking services.