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MCI Cuts Off 20,000 SIM Cards

MCI Cuts Off 20,000 SIM Cards
MCI Cuts Off 20,000 SIM Cards

Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran (MCI or Hamrah-e-Aval) has disconnected 20,000 SIM cards from its network, the company’s CEO announced on Monday.

Iran's first and largest mobile phone network operator has taken the measure to sort out unidentifiable SIM cards in the network and eliminate chances of illegal SIM usage, Mehr news agency quoted Vahid Sadoughi as saying.

The company initiated the move in December 2014 when customers first received a notice and were asked to complete their information on MCI’s database, specifically to submit their official ID numbers via text message.

The Communication Regulations Authority (CRA) had warned that customers who failed to provide the information would be cut off from the network in a month. The deadline, however, was extended several times.

Many SIM card owners submitted their ID numbers, and the information was corroborated by the network. On March 28, the CRA and MCI eventually cut off remaining SIM cards that had not been identified.