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Persian, English, Arabic Dictionary App Launched

Persian, English, Arabic Dictionary App Launched
Persian, English, Arabic Dictionary App Launched

A new dictionary app has been released in Iran which is available for devices running on iOS and Android mobile operating systems, Digiato reported.

Established five years back, Vajehyab, is a web-based dictionary where (like any other dictionary) you type in a word and get an equivalent in several different languages.  

The online/offline, Persian, English, or Arabic dictionary app helps users find meanings for words and phrases they're unfamiliar with.

The default settings are programmed to deliver results only when users are connected to the internet; however, they're also given the option to download the dictionaries.

Vajehyab is a freemium app (initially free but payable for heavier usage), not all its dictionaries are available for download. In order to purchase premium dictionaries, users need to create an account on Vajehyab's website and purchase via the app itself.

The Persian monolingual dictionaries include Dehkhoda, Moein, and Amid—the most commonly used in Iran. And users also have access to a thesaurus, terms coined by the Persian Academy, as well as a dictionary of Persian slangs and idioms. There will be almost no Persian words or phrases users won't find an equivalent for.

The app is also available in search engine form at The Persian language service, designed entirely in Iran is a unique service for writers who need equivalents for newly coined words.