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Multiple SIM Ownership Restricted

Multiple SIM Ownership Restricted  Multiple SIM Ownership Restricted

A plan has been put forth by the Communication Regulations Organization that owners of more than ten SIM cards will be indentified, Webna reported on Saturday.  The plan, first implemented three months ago, calls on owners of multiple SIMs to hand over their extra numbers. The new legal limit on the number of SIM cards which can be owned by one individual now stands at 10, thus those who flout the new rule will be identified and liable for fines or court proceedings.

The measure has been taken in order to redistribute idle numbers and reduce pranks and nuisance callers.  In Iran, when someone wishes to buy a SIM card, they must provide personal details to the relevant authority in charge of distribution of SIMs. Foreigners in Iran should provide a copy of their passports when wishing to purchase a pay-as-you-go SIM.