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Samsung Expects 70m Galaxy S6 Sales

Samsung Expects 70m Galaxy S6 SalesSamsung Expects 70m Galaxy S6 Sales

Samsung has publicly described the first week of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge sales as “impressive” and predicted overall sales for both devices will break a record, passing 70 million globally for both, according to Computer World on Tuesday.

That prediction, offered by an unnamed Samsung executive in a recent Korea Times report from Seoul, would be welcome, after the company’s problems selling the Galaxy S5.

The 70 million in sales for both phones would compare to reported sales of 70 million for each of the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 phones. The Galaxy S5’s sales fell 40% below expectations, as measured last November, leading to an executive shakeup.

Samsung is apparently seeing good early sales despite user complaints of a problem with the auto-rotate feature on some Edge devices. Some images and apps remain stuck in the portrait mode (vertical) and won’t rotate as they should to landscape mode (horizontal), according to dozens of users in forums.

In a ceremony on April 16, Samsung unveiled its new Galaxy S6 smartphone in Tehran, Digiato reported on Thursday. The event, held at Iran’s newest electronics mall Charsou Bazaar, was the  largest publicity stunt in the company’s time in Iran. Iranian users have been generally impressed with the distribution of the phone along with the company’s genuine guarantee offer, a major problem in the Iranian mobile market.

Caption: Samsung has good first week with new flaship phone.