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Internet Speed Expected to Increase

Internet Speed Expected to Increase
Internet Speed Expected to Increase

Telecommunications Minister Mahmoud Vaezi says misunderstandings have seen in reports on the rollout of new internet services across Iran, Digiato reported on Saturday.

The minister stated that doubling the main internet bandwidth does not necessarily mean home and business users will see the same doubling of their internet connections. “Internet speed will increase but not at the same rate as the wholesale internet industry.”

Vaezi said his ministry is working overtime to increase internet speeds and expressed hope to see a 10-fold upgrade in the national bandwidth by the end of this Iranian year, ending March 20, 2016.

The minister also added that Iran’s national network is expected to come online by the end of this year, reducing the reliance on international hosting networks.

The intended purpose of the national network is to secure important data pathways against hacking and allow secure internal transactions to take place without the need for the World Wide Web.

The network will not disconnected Iranian internet users from the outside world but would in fact work in tandem to release strain on the current system, officials say.