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Fourier-Transform Spectrometer Developed

A knowledge-based company has designed a Fourier-transform spectrometer with wide applications in numerous industries
Fourier-Transform Spectrometer Developed
Fourier-Transform Spectrometer Developed

A domestic knowledge-based company has developed a Fourier-transform spectrometer with wide applications in numerous industries.
Fourier-transform spectrometer is an important tool for measuring radiation, absorption and reflection spectra in nanometers and mastering material analysis, especially in the field of nanotechnology. It is also used for the calibration of the spectral power of infrared sources. 
The spectrometer produced by Ozhen Advanced Spectroscopy Equipment Company (also known as Ozhen-Optics Brand) is one of the most advanced types for measuring spectral power, the news portal of Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council reported.
The Fourier-transform spectrometer facilitates the analysis of spectrum and intensity of extra-cavity single-mode lasers, lamps and interference modes. Unlike conventional optical systems, the spectrometer uses interferometric principles and boasts a spectral resolution of less than 0.4 nanometers. It is able to perform spectrometry in the visible to the mid-infrared spectral range with high resolution.


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