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2021 Mustafa Prize Laureates Announced

The laureates of the fourth round of Mustafa Prize, granted to top researchers and scientists from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation member states, were announced on Oct. 12.
Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation holds the event biennially in Iran during the Islamic Unity Week that spans the two dates narrated by Sunnis and Shias as the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), which coincides with Oct. 19-24 in 2021.
The first laureate in All Areas of Science and Technology was Harvard University professor, Cumrun Vafa, for his work “F-Theory”.
The second laureate was Zahid Hasan for “Weyl Fermion Semimetals”.
Cumrun Vafa and Zahid Hasan shared the Mustafa Prize for physics in All Areas of Science and Technology.
The next laureate was Mohamed H. Sayegh for “Novel Therapies to Improve Renal and Cardiac Allograft Outcomes” from Lebanon.
Muhammad Iqbal Choudhary, named for “Discovery of fascinating molecules with therapeutic applications”, was another laureate of this round.
Yahya Tayalati won the prize for “Observation of Light by Light Scattering and the Search for Magnetic Monopoles”.

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