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Startup to Help People Make Some Cash

Startup to Help People Make Some Cash
Startup to Help People Make Some Cash

A local startup ejob plans to assist the economically constrained by putting employers in touch with workers with an innovative twist.
Scheduled for a soft launch in March 2020, the startup can also help find a flexible part-time job to those who are struggling to make ends meet and need some extra cash.  
Ejob will allow users either to post a vacancy or apply for it through its mobile app or website. 
The platform will also welcome people who can handle one-off jobs where and when needed. It will connect people who have got a task to be done with those who can do it. 
These one-off jobs can include a parcel delivery, an online assignment or going to the location for a plumbing, electrical or any household chore. 
A job is listed in the form of a pin on the map and an authorized individual located nearby may choose to perform it.
To log in, the job finder is required to provide some personal and contact information to the startup. Depending on the job requested, there may be different levels of security clearances involving third-party verifications and police records.
Initially, when a job provider has a task at hand, a nominal payment is made in the account of ejob. Once the job is done and confirmed by both the job provider and job finder, ejob will transfer the payment directly into the job seeker’s account after subtracting a 10% commission.
The idea for ejob emerged a year and a half ago, when Sajjad Yaghoubi, the now CEO of the startup, had a number of meetings across Tehran and struggled to find a parking space. 
There, he thought, perhaps a venture like ejob could help, by helping someone secure a parking space. 
Yaghoubi shared the idea with a friend, Alireza Farahmand, now ejob’s Deputy CEO, and together they decided to create an app that would generate tasks for people who have time to spare to work for those who are pressed for time.
Today, ejob has offices not just in Tehran but in Istanbul, Dubai, Vancouver and London, and it envisions expansion across the world to create millions of jobs and serve millions of people in the world’s major countries. This may well be an idea whose time has come, and ejob with some luck and further effort, could catch on and help Iran’s economy, and eager workers around the world.

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