Chaharbagh Bird Garden Biggest in Middle East

Chaharbagh Bird Garden Biggest in Middle EastChaharbagh Bird Garden Biggest in Middle East

With more than 5000 species of birds, the biggest bird garden in the Middle East is located in Chaharbagh, Savojbolagh county, Alborz Province.

Rare and endangered species of shore birds, parrots, and birds of prey from 65 countries around the world live in the garden, Mehr news agency reported.

The garden ranks first in the Middle East in terms of the number of birds and its unique environment, says Amirmohammad Amir-Rad, managing director of the Chaharbagh Bird Garden.

The bird garden and exhibition complex, located on Karaj – Qazvin highway, has also the largest collection of ornamental birds and pigeons. “One hundred species of parrots and pigeons are in this collection and are worth more than 20 billion rials ($750,000), said Amir-Rad.

With indoor saloons, lakes, and islands, the garden is also a training and entertainment center designed for endangered species. Located in an area of 2,000 square meters, the complex has adhered to “all the necessary measures to comply with the standards in terms of the health of birds and visitors.”

The biggest specialized library on ornithology with 7,000 books is also available at the complex and can provide excellent resources for the study of ornithology for researchers and students, he added.