Fish Good for Both Pregnant Mother, Baby

Fish Good for Both Pregnant Mother, Baby
Fish Good for Both Pregnant Mother, Baby

A new study by nutritionists suggests that eating fish is good for both pregnant mother and baby, considering the rich amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids they get from fish. Omega-3 fatty acids was found to boost the development of soft tissues in unborn babies, and linked to protecting the brain from toxicity which comes about from mercury poisoning.

“This research provided the opportunity to study the role of polyunsaturated fatty acids on development and their potential to augment or counteract the toxic properties of mercury,” comments Sean Strain, professor of Human Nutrition at the Ulster University in Northern Ireland. The lead study author continues “The findings indicate that the type of fatty acids a mother consumes during pregnancy may make a difference in terms of their child’s future neurological development.”

It is understandable that excessive consumption of ocean fish could predispose you to mercury, but yet the derivable Omega-3 fatty acids far outweigh the chances of mercury poisoning, reports the website

“It appears that the relationship between fish nutrients and mercury may be far more complex than previously appreciated. These findings indicate that there may be an optimal balance between the different inflammatory properties of fatty acids that promote fetal development and that these mechanisms warrant further study,” said Seychelles Child Development lead study author, Phillip Davidson.

“It’s not clear that the current recommendations of limiting your fish intake is actually warranted based on the current data,” explains Dr. Laura Riley. The Massachusetts General Hospital medical director of labor and delivery continues, “This study is again raising that same question. Is this really that bad? Do you need to take into consideration the beneficial effects of eating fish?”

Researchers recommend that more study needs to be conducted to fully investigate the benefits of ocean fish as they relate to Omega-3 fatty acids and its ability to neutralize mercury in the body.