IRALCO to Turn Green

IRALCO to Turn GreenIRALCO to Turn Green

The Iranian Aluminum Company (IRALCO) is planning to turn into a green company by making use of intelligent nano-filters, says the inventor of the technology.

By means of nano-filter technology, toxic factory pollutants will be transformed into liquid carbon dioxide and dry ice, thus turning “an environmental threat in the city of Arak into an opportunity for wealth creation,” Rasoul Norouzian told Mehr news agency.

The products have various commercial, industrial, and scientific applications. Carbon dioxide has numerous uses in different industries like food, healthcare, oil and gas, pulp and paper, water and wastewater treatment, and welding and metal fabrication.

Dry ice - the solid form of carbon dioxide - is used primarily as a cooling agent.

The project will yield 860 million rials ($32,200) daily in revenue for IRALCO, thus “returning the 930 billion rials ($34.8 million) investment after four years of implementation,” Norouzian noted.

“Nearly 350 job opportunities will also be created in two years.”  The volume of IRALCO pollutants is three times greater than global standards, said Norouzian, adding that the pollutants are mostly toxic.

“While CO emission standard is set at 304 parts-per-million (PPM), the figure is 1000 PPM for IRALCO emissions,” he pointed out. Although IRALCO is considering revision and optimization of its production lines, its plans have not proved successful “as they have only eliminated a small proportion of the factory’s pollutants.”

However, by using nano-filters, the pollution source will be totally eliminated, he said, describing the plan as a big step in reducing air pollution in Arak.