Special SIM Cards for Kids

Special SIM Cards for KidsSpecial SIM Cards for Kids

The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) has directed mobile operators to offer special SIM cards for kids and teenagers within the next six months.

The SIM cards for kids will not differ from regular SIM cards in terms of price, said Sadegh Abbasi-Shahkouh, a deputy at the organization, who added that “special features will be incorporated to facilitate parental control.”

“These SIM cards are not unprecedented in the world,” said Abbasi-Shahkouh, quoted by Mehr news agency.

England for example offers a special mobile service for parents to prevent their children from going online, texting or calling during certain hours. Unlike an app, a child will not be able to switch the service off, as the services are provided by the network.  

Service packages provided for children will comply with their needs in an appealing way. Training packages will also be provided by the mobile operators to teach children how to correctly use broadband services.  

The plan would be the first step in implementing the so-called ‘cultural mobile annexation’, said Abbasi-Shahkouh.

 Special Services

The recent approval by the regulatory authority on the terms and conditions for the third generation mobile services in the country are all in line with the spread of the digital culture, he added. By the same token, mobile operators have been assigned with providing special services for kids and teenagers.

Although the ‘cultural mobile annexation’ is not yet declared by the National Center for Cyberspace, the regulations introduced by the regulatory body on 3G and more advanced mobile services all comply with the framework of the annexation, he said.

At its 203rd meeting, the CRA set regulations for operators who offer 3G services or more.

‘Cultural mobile annexation’ standards are set by the regulatory authority in a bid to avoid possible risks of using broadband services, bringing the uses of broadband in line with national and cultural requirements, with an emphasis on strengthening family relationships by taking care of kids and teenagers.