Lake Zerivar on Ramsar Convention Wetlands List

Lake Zerivar on Ramsar Convention Wetlands ListLake Zerivar on Ramsar Convention Wetlands List

Lake Zerivar will be registered as a wetland in Ramsar International Convention and would be on the list of international wetlands by the end of current year (March 20), said Abdolvahid Riazifar, head of Kurdestan’s Department of Environment (DoE)

“All necessary measures had been taken to register the lake in the List of Ramsar International Convention on Wetlands and we are awaiting the announcement by the Convention,” Mehr News Agency quoted him as saying.  “Without necessary measures, we will see the death of the lake in the near future. On the list of Ramsar International Convention, 6 lakes have been listed as wetlands at risk; Lake Zerivar is among 8 wetlands the DoE has lent special attention in terms of allocation of funds to save the lake and the wetland ecosystem,” Riazifar said.

The head of local water and wastewater office, Eghbal Shanazari, said $830,000 has been allocated to address and solve the problem of inflow of wastewater into Lake Zerivar, and by the end of the next year, “no wastewater will pollute the lake.”