Adoption Law Needs Amendment

Adoption Law Needs Amendment
Adoption Law Needs Amendment

Effective measures should be taken regarding the adoption law in the country through appropriate amendments, said Mohammad Esmaeil Saeidi, secretary of the Social Committee of Parliament (Majlis).

The fact that a legal guardian cannot remove the names of biological parents from a child’s birth certificate has become a serious obstacle to adoption, Saeidi said at a meeting at the State Welfare Organization (SWO). Also adopted children being labeled as “under care of a guardian” in their birth certificates, will suffer psychological consequences later in life. Further, legal guardians will feel insecure in not having their names registered as parents in their adopted child’s birth certificates, Alef News Agency reported.

Pointing to the graying population and high divorce rates in Iran, Dr. Sadegh Najafi, Majlis representative of Tabriz, Oskoo, and Azarshahr, said “the nature of our customs have changed and a society in transition needs to be progressive accordingly.”

Najafi stressed that social organizations like the SWO must have a 100% budget hike, and said “premarital genetic counseling should be mandated for couples to prevent disabilities in newborns as the treatment is expensive.”

He supported public participation in SWO activities clarifying, however, that “it does not entail less supervision on the part of the authorities.” He also warned the SWO of outreach to charities with ulterior motives and said “there must be a more intelligent screening system for inter-organizational collaborations.”

Najafi said SWO should earn people’s trust so “they would be encouraged to invest in it.” He observed that public contributions will only be useful if organized on a large-scale whereas providing care for “single disability cases may not deliver the expected results.”

Saeidi also called for change in people’s culture saying that “it is perhaps due to cultural ignorance that more than 50% of the disabled capable of working are jobless.”