Prof. Samii to Set Up Int’l Biotech Research Center

Prof. Samii to Set Up Int’l Biotech Research CenterProf. Samii to Set Up Int’l Biotech Research Center

Minister of Science, Research, and Technology Mohammad Farhadi, and head of the International Neuroscience Institute of Hannover, Prof. Majid Samii signed an agreement to establish an international research center for new biomedical technologies in Tehran at the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research.

Establishing the research center will boost basic sciences, and contribute to development of new methods and production of the latest medical equipment, said Farhadi, IRNA reports.

Various research centers affiliated with the ministry of science including Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology, Research Organization for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, and Research Center of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Iran together with Prof. Samii’s new biotechnology research center, “will play a significant role in improving applied sciences and advance physical and mental health,” the minister said.

Interdisciplinary collaboration among the sciences has grown more than ever in all areas including health and medicine, with the use of sophisticated equipment and updated technologies, he said, adding that “the increasing trend of organ transplant and body part replacements, use of new methods in cellular and molecular biology, genetic engineering, and tissue engineering are indicators that modern medicine is growing side-by-side with traditional medicine.”


The agreement aims to lay a proper groundwork for cooperation between Iranian and foreign experts, including from Germany, as well as to reinforce and develop cooperation regarding access and application of latest technologies in research and development and applied projects. It also intends to train international experts in medical and biomedical sciences by merging engineering, mathematics, and IT.

The research center should achieve a place among the world’s top centers of biomedical technologies within a decade, the agreement declares.