Lack of Snowpack Poses Threat to Zayandehrud

Lack of Snowpack Poses Threat to ZayandehrudLack of Snowpack Poses Threat to Zayandehrud

Inadequate snowfall in Koohrang county, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, has resulted in the water level decline of two important rivers: Zayandehrud and Karun. Normally the snow, as a major source of water should be 70 cm in the region at this time of the year; however this year there is no snowfall yet.

Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari is a mountainous province with high amounts of precipitation which forms the headwaters of Karun and Zayandehrud rivers. The amount of precipitation is especially high in Koohrang county. Sometimes the snow reaches several meters in height feeding the water resources of the rivers throughout the year. January is the most important month for the provincial river water supplies.

Zayandehrud has faced several problems including drying up in the previous years; without snowfall the situation may become alarming if the problem persists.


The reduced snowfall in Koohrang city, has been unprecedented in the past seven years, said Mehrdad Ghatreh, head of the provincial meteorological organization.

Precipitation in February and March is expected to be normal, but as it will be mostly rainfall, it cannot compensate for the lack of precipitation over the past seven years. The annual precipitation typically occurs from January to March, he added.

Zayandehrud which means “life giver” is the largest river in the Iranian central plateau. In early 2010 the river dried up completely after several years of seasonal dry-outs.