Book on City Transport Costs Wins Award

Book on City Transport Costs Wins AwardBook on City Transport Costs Wins Award

A new book titled “Costs of Different Modes of Transport in Tehran” has been compiled by the transport and traffic studies and planning organization of the Tehran Municipality (TM).

It was selected as the best book at the 7th International Festival of Research & Innovation and Conference on Urban Management ‘Tehran International Award’, held in the first week of January at the University of Tehran. The book received a letter of appreciation from the Tehran mayor, said deputy of the TM planning organization Morteza Khashaeepour.

In developing countries transportation constitutes 20% to 40% of development costs; therefore appropriate investments should be made so that the people will benefit over all.

Khashaeepour said the book was compiled after a study was conducted on costs of different modes of travel in Tehran. “Information obtained from the economic research can have a great impact in making effective decisions and policies aimed at improving transportation efficiency.”

The research provided detailed information on different modes of transportation and the cost of per kilometer travel in each of them.

Since the information is helpful in different sectors of economic management and transportation organizations, “we have published this scientific research in form of a book.”

 Sustainable Development

“We should provide assurance to the people that the resources used in the transportation sector are beneficial to the public at large and are able to provide suitable grounds for economic and social development,” Alef News Agency quoted Khashaeepour as saying.

He also said that good transportation is a prerequisite “for all aspects of economic development. The sector plays a key role in sustainable development and realization of social and cultural exchanges.” The costs of transportation system development are borne by both the people and government respectively as users and trustee of the system.

There are different means of transport in all cities; therefore both users and trustees, seek to identify the best mode of transportation or a suitable combination, to reduce travel costs, he added.