Salt Gains From Lake Urumia!

Salt Gains From Lake Urumia!Salt Gains From Lake Urumia!

Lake Urumia›s salt should be removed, otherwise, the water entering the lake will be saturated and not serve the purpose of its restoration, said Bahram Taheri, an official of Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSE) department.

 Estimates suggest that the lake›s salt is worth about $100 billion. Therefore if the salt is extracted on environmental consideration, it can also serve as a good alternative for livelihood of people in the region, IRNA reported.

At present, the lake restoration campaign has implemented measures to save the zone and positive results are expected to show with the passage of time.

Giving statistics he said 36% of Urumia›s population works in the service sector, adding to 58% of the provincial income; however, the amount spent on water use is just 1%.

Also, 34.5% of the people with 27% income and 1.4% water use are engaged in the industrial sector.

Further 29.3% of Urumia›s population with 15% income and 89% water use are engaged in agricultural sector.

  Lowest Percentage

Taheri stressed that agricultural sector has the lowest percentage of income and the highest rate of water use, so alternative livelihood should be programmed for this sector.

The total catchment area of the lake is 3% of the total area of the country, but now its situation is a matter of grave concern with indiscriminate use of water in farming.

The country›s economy has been affected by western-imposed sanctions on its civilian nuclear program; thus agriculture sector activity expanded and resulted in drying up of the lake. This crisis cannot be solved without the cooperation of the people, he said.

Of course reasons for the present state of the lake are some human and some natural factors.

Further, the global average temperature has also increased 0.3 degrees Celsius, and if the trend continues, by 2100 the planet will become 4 degrees warmer.