7 Tons of Drugs Seized in Fars Province

7 Tons of Drugs Seized in Fars Province7 Tons of Drugs Seized in Fars Province

Seven tons of drugs were seized from a vehicle when it was entering Lar in Fars Province, Brig. Gen. Ahmad Ali Goudarzi told reporters on Monday. Police vigil and intelligence information in fighting the ‘smugglers of death’ ultimately yielded results. “Several days of monitoring and other measures including helicopter and heavy vehicles deployment in the province led to the discovery of a heavy vehicle carrying 7 tons of opium which was seized by the police,” Mehr News Agency quoted Goudarzi as saying.

Goudarzi added that the vehicle was coming from Hormozgan Province and was escorted by 7 other cars. “The ultimate destination was Khuzestan in the west and Tehran to the north; along with the discovery, 13 kg of heroin were also seized and 3 suspects detained. Altogether, 13 smugglers active in Hormozgan, Sistan and Baluchistan, Khuzestan, Fars, and Tehran provinces were detained. There were no deaths or injuries,” he added.

“Among the seized items were the heavy vehicle and 3 rifles; Fars Province has seen the discovery and seizure of 32 tons of drugs mainly opium so far, a 27 percent rise compared to the same time last year,” said Goudarzi. “Up to 3,000 minor drug dealers have been tried and sentenced in the province since March 2014,” he added.