Social Support Helps Overcome Drug Addiction

Social Support Helps Overcome Drug AddictionSocial Support Helps Overcome Drug Addiction

Social support can be “a very powerful and beneficial force” in the recovery process of drug addicts. An official at the Drug Control Headquarters (DCH) said positive social support must begin from the onset of addiction treatment while emphasizing that “the support should not make them dependant so that they can stand on their own feet once they quit the habit.”

“A document has been passed at the DCH so that besides cultural and preventive campaigns, treatment and reducing problems are also addressed,” Hassan Mousavi, public participation deputy, was quoted as saying by ISNA.

In the last two years most of the work supporting former addicts and creating jobs for them has been conducted by community-based organizations, he  said. The State Welfare Organization (SWO) and Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation have also made contributions despite their limited resources.

“We should bear in mind that addressing this issue takes time; for instance, insurance coverage for those on the path of recovery is now underway but requires significant funding,” Mousavi said.

He reiterated that helping recovering addicts will also lose its efficacy “if it makes them too reliant on social support.”

 NGOs Mite

According to the latest statistics, there are 98 NGOs specifically working to solve the challenges faced by women addicts. A special committee for women addicts has been set up and training for NGOs has been promoted in six provinces through coordination with the presidential deputy for women affairs.

Efforts are on to promote NGO work in the three areas of planning, policymaking and launching and overseeing programs, Mousavi said.  “At our last meeting, we decided to increase the number of NGOs since we have faith in their work; we try not to meddle in their work  in the areas of decision making, launching programs and supervision,” he added.