Crime and Punishment

Crime and PunishmentCrime and Punishment

One of the principles of modern criminal law is the proportion between crime and punishment. When severe punishment is meted out for a petty crime, “it will not have the desired outcome and in fact can prove otherwise,” Hadi Gharaseyyed Romiani, MP, said.

Penal policies in the area of drugs and narcotics have proved that they have not been successful in combating drug abuse. “The penalties have not brought about the results intended in the general policies focusing on crime prevention, clarifying the harmful nature of the crimes, and rooting out the will for committing crime,” the lawmaker stated.

It must be clarified whether the fault lies with the laws, their implementation, or cultural development through “a work group assisted by the government, parliament, and judicial system.” Several existing laws in regard to drug enforcement need radical reform within legal boundaries. Every death sentence for drug smugglers “raises the issue of human rights violations unjustly against Iran,” he added, reports ILNA.