Amir Kabir Varsity Launches Nano Lab

Amir Kabir Varsity Launches Nano LabAmir Kabir Varsity Launches Nano Lab

The Amir Kabir University of Technology has launched an electronic lab of nanofibers and their application in lithium batteries, solar cells, and medicine.

The majority of equipment and facilities at the lab is a product of student research projects; the lab is housed in a new building and equipped with new facilities and technology “thanks to the good offices of the professors of the department and contributions of the presidential deputy of science and technology’s Nanotechnology Initiative Council,” Mehr News Agency reported.

About 30 graduate research students work in the lab to advance their research. The lab has hosted several projects including polymeric, metal, and ceramic nanofibers and applications, nanotubes, and nanofibrous nanocomposites.

The laboratory seeks to serve the students in their academic work and research and also other industries and universities with a highly expert faculty and researchers, and advanced technology and facilities.