Exploitation of Tabriz Gold Mine Will Help Create Jobs

Exploitation of Tabriz Gold Mine  Will Help Create Jobs Exploitation of Tabriz Gold Mine  Will Help Create Jobs

Exploitation of the gold mine in Tabriz, Varzaghan county, will commence soon after the construction of a gold processing factory in the region. This will create jobs directly for hundreds of people.

Varzaghan county is located in East Azarbaijan Province and is rich in both copper and gold mines; but it was mainly known for its copper resources. Currently, 8 mines of the total 12 mines are active in the county.

The ‘Happy Farm’ village located in Varzaghan county is 125 km away from Tabriz. There are 110 households in the village with a total population of 500.  ‘Happy Farm’ with its beautiful environment and hospitable inhabitants mostly thrives on mostly carpet weaving and agriculture. It is 500 years old and the Varzaghan gold mine is located in the village.

Allahverdi Dehghani, representative of Varzaghan county residents expressed hope that the gold mine would create jobs for hundreds of the village youth, many of whom have already left the beautiful old village in search of jobs in the cities, especially Tabriz.


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One of the village residents told Mehr News Agency that in the past years due to the lack of protection of the gold mine, some miscreants stole the gold ingots; but now as the operation of the gold mining company has taken off, it will prevent them from entering the mine.

“The gold mine has incredible resources and the extraction work has started with the participation of investors from different countries including China. Each ton of stone in the mine could produce 7 grams gold,” said Varzaghan county Governor Vafadar.  

The approximate amount of the mine’s gold resources is estimated at 2.17 tons.

 At present, a Chinese company has invested $ 4.3 million in the project and job-creation will help prevent rural people from migrating to metropolises to seek employment.