Molaverdi Advocates Freedom of Choice in Islamic Dress Code

Molaverdi Advocates Freedom of Choice in Islamic Dress Code Molaverdi Advocates Freedom of Choice in Islamic Dress Code

The vice-president for Women and Family Affairs called for the promotion of Islamic dress code through cultural awareness programs, but said that women should be allowed to “voluntarily choose their own dress.”

Shahindokht Molaverdi who was visiting an exhibition promoting ‘Iranian-Islamic Lifestyle’ added that women “should have the right to choose from the variety of clothing that exists according to their own aesthetic sense as well as the price and availability of the apparels,” ILNA reported.

Referring to the patterns and styles of dresses which were showcased at the exhibition, Molaverdi praised the “attractiveness” of the dress designs. She hoped the attractive patterns would help the younger generation to choose “appropriate attire to be worn in public places and even parties and social gatherings.”

 Government Efforts  

Molaverdi announced that President Hassan Rouhani had sent an official decree to the ministry of industries and commerce to facilitate access to a wide range of Islamic dresses - an issue which is being pursued in a joint collaboration between her office and clothing store owners.

She rued the high prices of dresses that “are often advertised and promoted as being proper attire” and said the government is trying to provide women with more attire options to choose from.

“There should be no limits when it comes to the color of dresses since this falls within the ambit of aesthetic beauty,” she said. Use of colors is recommended because it is rooted in national and local costumes, which are in turn inspired by nature and “infuses a sense of joviality and vibrancy in the society.”

She further emphasized that local costumes be introduced to young people as they are not only very beautiful but also rich in variety and propriety. “The key is to leave the young people free in their preferences,” she reiterated.