Protocol for Teen Addiction Treatment

Protocol for Teen Addiction TreatmentProtocol for Teen Addiction Treatment

A special addiction treatment protocol has been designed for kids under 18, according to an official at the State Welfare Organization (SWO). Mohsen Roshanpajooh in an interview with Iranian Labor News Agency (ILNA) said the protocol should first go through “a trial period to determine its pros and cons.”

After reviewing reports about the increase in the number of addicted children and adolescents, “we felt we should devise a special module for their treatment,’’ Roshanpajooh said.  He added that through collaborative effort between the health ministry and the Drug Control Headquarters, the SWO has already launched a pilot plan for the treatment of teens with drug problems in Sistan and Baluchestan Province.

The pilot project will act as a guide in providing treatment for addicted children and teenagers.

He emphasized that the treatment of underage addicts varies from adults, and especially of drug addicts under the age of 12.

‘’Treatment for this age group requires special spaces and interventions and in early stages hospital-like facilities are needed,’’ he observed. After the initial treatment stages, the “strength to cope as well as learn social skills by the recovered addicts” should be addressed, which requires active participation of all related institutions including the health ministry.


 Cultural Diversity

Roshanpajooh stressed the need to consider cultural differences among the various regions and said “based on this, the need to launch pilot projects in other provinces might also arise.”

Meetings with the Tehran Municipality (TM) to launch a teen rehab center for drug addiction had been held.

The SWO is ready to cooperate with all institutions willing to tackle drug abuse and added that according to rules, permits to open drug rehab centers can be issued only by the SWO and the health ministry.

“The TM is no exception to this rule and if it wants to launch programs in treating addicts it needs to obtain permission and we are ready to cooperate as per the law,” the official said. He added that although the municipality has huge financial resources at its disposal, the SWO is willing to offer the TM “technical, educational and logistical help in launching rehab centers.”