Insurance Cover for Nomads by 2016

Insurance Cover for Nomads by 2016Insurance Cover for Nomads by 2016

Schemes have been devised to provide insurance cover for all nomads and villagers by 2016, Vice-President for Development of Rural and Underserved Areas, Abolfazl  Razavi, said Monday.

 At a conference on Development and Economic Cooperation for Villagers, the official stated that in line with the Sixth Five-Year Economic Development Plan, (2016-21) a planning council, comprising 29 sub-councils, has agreed “to plan and support the development of nomads and effectively boost their living conditions.”

President Rouhani’s government is the first to implement various schemes for the benefit of villagers, including Social Security Insurance, Mehr News Agency quoted him as saying.

The official further said during the next two years, all villagers and nomads will be insured following a presidential decree. The scheme has been accounted for in this year’s proposed budget plan and funds will be allocated by 2016.


The government closely follows the policies for providing services in rural areas and the formation of a deputy office dedicated entirely to the development of rural areas “speaks volumes of the administration’s perseverance in this area, and the seriousness of the issue.”

As more and more villagers leave their native places for the cities, the local communities face the potential threat of desertion. The president’s stress is on the importance of empowering villagers, Razavi said, adding that affiliated organizations must assist in providing education in rural areas.

It is also necessary that locals take part in the development plans. With increased local participation, the government would be able to provide loans “at interest rates of only four percent in order to promote local businesses,” he added.