Assessing Women Issues Crucial for Planning

Assessing Women Issues Crucial for PlanningAssessing Women Issues Crucial for Planning

Statistical indices on the status and situation of women in different provinces have been issued by the Department for Women and Family Affairs at the Presidential Office.

The data will be used for further planning in the area of women affairs after studying the root causes of the problems, said the department’s deputy for planning and coordination, Athareh Nejadi.

Observing that a systematic approach to understanding women’s issues is crucial for formulating sustainable plans, she said: “We now have the necessary data on women’s situation in different parts of the country as per the statistical information collected,” ISNA quoted her as saying.

Pointing out that offices for women counseling affairs had previously been established in some administrative departments, Nejadi said women counselors in these offices are responsible to support the women staff in their respective departments, as well as assess their needs and notify administrators and decision-makers in this regard.

“The successful role of women counselors in their respective administrative bodies depends on two parameters: first, the counselors’ ability to effectively communicate with women in their departments; and second, creation of an environment that allows for effective participation of women counselors in crucial administrative decisions,” Nejadi added.

Noting that the approach adopted by the department is “to empower women rather than just support them,” she added: “sustainable development must fully reflect the needs of both women and men by providing equal opportunities; otherwise the society will be deprived of some highly valuable human resources.”