4 New Asiatic Cheetahs Sighted in TBR

4 New Asiatic Cheetahs Sighted in TBR4 New Asiatic Cheetahs Sighted in TBR

The sighting of four Asiatic cheetahs at the Touran Biosphere Reserve (TBR) in Shahrud County, Semnan Province was announced by the head of the TBR.

Ali Akbar Ghorbanlou said the Department of Environment (DoE) has paid great attention to this protected area, and made necessary preparations for increasing the cheetah’s prey, Mehr News Agency reported.

This year’s drop in rainfall had caused reduction in the cheetahs’ prey but the problem was tackled with the assistance of the Semnan DoE which provided forage to increase the number of animals hunted by the cheetah. Lamenting the recent killing of two cheetahs by motor vehicles on the Tehran-Mashhad road in Khar-Touran region, he called on environmentalists to prevent such tragic accidents.

Iran is home to the last known rare population of the Asiatic cheetah.