Crime Police to Highlight Research,Training

Crime Police to Highlight Research,TrainingCrime Police to Highlight Research,Training

Iran’s Special Crime Unit – the police branch responsible for fighting serious crime, is prioritizing research and training to enhance its capability.

According to a police department press release, Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Moghimi, who heads the crime unit, announced that research is a major policy and “is expected to enrich the unit’s training programs.”

‘’The outcome of the research projects will be reflected in education and training of our staff. Scientific research is indispensible to our work,’’ he said.

Moghimi emphasized that research is only valuable when it is applied in practice and said “the results of our research programs are used in real operations.’’ The crime unit is committed to enhancing its work making use of the latest technology and updating the knowledge of its officers.

‘’We especially value practical research which helps us track down crime more efficiently’’, he said.

Moghimi said their priority “is to shorten the time between a crime committed and its tracking” This goal can be achieved by expanding research work and using state-of-the -art crime detection methods and technology.

‘’We are attempting to make a researcher out of every detective or otherwise their investigative work will lack the basis for a firm ground,’’ he said.  A research-oriented detective is also more likely to take greater risks in solving crimes.

 Sharing Experience

He also emphasized the importance of sharing experience among the staff so that “no mistake will be repeated twice.”  

To improve staff excellence police techniques would be upgraded to adapt with the changing times.

‘’Crime detection is our signature job and we are making use of the best intellectual minds in  the field to enhance it; in actuality we are striving to become one of the best police departments in the world when it comes to fighting and tracking down crime,’’ Moghimi added.