Explosives, Narcotics Tracker

Explosives, Narcotics TrackerExplosives, Narcotics Tracker

Researchers of a knowledge-based company have developed a tracker to detect drugs and explosives.

Seyed Ali Hosseini, the inventor of the radar tracker in Gilan Science and Technology Park and Mazandaran Medical Sciences Center, said that the radar tracker was designed and built to detect drugs and explosives as well as survivors and the dead under rubble.

The device is composed of a transmitter and a receiver. “The transmitter emits waves and stimulates molecular layer of elements and releases their ions. The receiver detects ions, and then transfers waves back to the target to detect their presence,” Mehr News Agency quoted him as saying. Data of tracked elements are displayed in 3D on a computer system.

He said the device could measure the diameter of the material, if it was embedded into the ground or elsewhere.

The device is useful for the police, border guards and during accidents and natural disasters. It can also detect drug addicts “from a distance of 1500 meters and determine the levels of their addiction.”