Drug Addiction Major Cause for Divorce

Drug Addiction Major Cause for DivorceDrug Addiction Major Cause for Divorce

Addiction, divorce and unemployment are the country’s major social problems, says Dr. Homayoun Hashemi, head of the State Welfare Organization (SWO).

While the distribution patterns and frequency of the problems may vary from one province to another, however, generally their nature is the same irrespective of the region. According to a comprehensive survey conducted, the first major social issue is drug addiction, the second is divorce and the third is unemployment and poverty.

“To combat addiction we have taken preventive measures such as establishing anti-drug campaigns and developing effective media messages to raise public awareness,” Mehr News agency quoted Hashemi as saying.

He stressed the need for greater parental awareness to check addiction among their children. The different kinds of drugs in circulation and the symptoms resulting from their use and the need for preventive intervention should be widely publicized by the media.  At present information and education is being planned by the SWO experts and will be implemented soon, he added.

 De-addiction Camps

Also based on the ‘comprehensive law to combat addiction’ all de-addiction camps are being managed by the SWO; however, unfortunately, despite all measures taken to prevent unauthorized camps, still there are some illegal de-addiction camps across the country.

At present 800 unauthorized camps are active while the number was 150 in 2012. The camps have been given a deadline to seek permits from the SWO, “failing which they will be closed through judicial and legal measures,” he said.

Although establishment of de-addiction camps are helpful, however, preventive measures are more effective as statistics show only 20% of addicts recover and the rest are very likely to go back to reusing drugs.

In addition to the harm addiction can cause, it is also thought to be the main cause of divorce in the country.

Per hour, 18 divorces take place and 80% of divorces are among the under 30 age group; 14% are in the first year of marital life and 50% have been reported in the first five years of marriage.

The irrational behavior, paranoia and in several cases, criminal activities of drug addicts often leads to marriage breakdown, experts say.