Self-Sufficieny in Blood By-Products

 Self-Sufficieny in Blood By-Products Self-Sufficieny in Blood By-Products

With 2 million blood donations in the past Iranian year (ended March 20), the country has attained self-sufficiency, general manager of Iran Blood Transfer Organization (IBTO) said.

IBTO public relations official Ali Akbar Pour Fathallah said the organization currently produces 12 new blood by-products by fully complying with international standards.

There are 8 by-products extracted from the excess plasma which is required by hemophilic and thalassemia patients.  About 150,000 liters of plasma is in storage, which saves the country about $ 16 million in imports, he said quoted by IRNA.

“We are in the process of signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Islamic Republic of Iran Medical Council (IRIMC) for substitution of plasma with new products,” Pour Fathallah said.    

Adding that there are 27 blood units currently for every 1000 persons, the target set to reach is 37 units by the end of decade, he said.


In developed countries blood products are expensive and not offered free to patients. The price of one unit of Red globule in N. America and Europe is around $120 and euro 220 respectively.

Referring to hematoblast use, which is a critical issue globally, he said it is considered to be the reason for spread of cancer and aging of societies. Elderly are more likely to get cancer due to the same reason.  “In Iran the use of hematoblast has increased from 300,000 units to 1000,000 units, which is undesirable,” he noted.

Insurance companies need to be involved in blood transfusion activities; this will help curb heavy clinical costs by transferring a share of the expenses to develop new blood by-products.

“Clinics and medical centers offer free blood without billing their clients for the costs incurred. The general perception is people donate blood at no cost so why charge the patients?  But the fact is, the financial burden borne by hospitals to provide free service is substantial, such as the cost of a simple disposable syringe, etc .,” he added.