Khusf Daffodils Need Attention

Khusf Daffodils Need AttentionKhusf Daffodils Need Attention

The daffodil flower of Khusf county in Mashhad, is a valuable source of economic production as it can earn huge revenue through sales. It is however, neglected by the authorities. The strategic horticulture product requires introduction and advertisement; so that it can improve the economic prosperity of the province, says Mahdi Farjami, governor of Khusf.

At present, the country’s oldest daffodil meadows belong to Khusf and the crop there is said to be the best compared to other daffodil gardens in the country. The brightly colored daffodil  blooms in the spring. The English Romantic poet William Wordsworth immortalized the flower in his poem ‘Daffodils’.

The Khusf flowers are said to have a fragrance even better than Shiraz’s famous daffodils. “But unfortunately, due to the lack of attention it has not found its true place in the country’s horticulture sector,” Farjami said.

Khusf ranks fifth in the field of daffodil production, and first in the quality of the flowers but lack of producers’ access to a proper market and dealers who offer very low prices, are also among the major problems of the flower producers, Eghtesadnews reported.

Ten hectares of the flower are cultivated in Khusf. In the next three years the county’s daffodil production is expected to double and reach 22 million flowers. “The lands gradually become more fertile when the farmers cultivate them,” he noted.


At present, in South Khorasan Province, 212 households are active in the field of daffodil cultivation. Every year the crop harvesting starts from early November and completes in late March.

Given that the country is facing a water crisis in the recent years, daffodil is the best crop for cultivation, as the flowers don’t require much water and suit the arid climate.

Although the flower is mostly used as a decorative product, it has been used for centuries in traditional medicines for a variety of complaints including cold, acne and also depression. Also the oil essence extracted from the plant is an important ingredient of some perfumes.

The khusf daffodils are presently marketed to Khorasan Razavi, Yazd, Tehran, Isfahan, Alborz and Zahedan provinces.