Genetic Testing for Cancer

Genetic Testing for CancerGenetic Testing for Cancer

Research suggests that 7% of cancers are genetically inherited while the remaining 93% are the result of environmental factors, Dr. Nasser Parsa, board member of Iranian Cancer Organization said.

He emphasized the importance of preventive measures as the best way to curb spread of hereditary cancers, ILNA reported.

“People with a history of cancer among family members or blood relatives should refer to genetic counseling centers and, if necessary, undergo genetic testing,” he said.

Genetic testing can help estimate the risk of developing cancer in the individual’s lifetime. It does this by searching for specific changes in genes, chromosomes, or proteins.

The West Asia Cancer Conference 2017 is to be held in Eram Grand Hotel in Tehran on November 30- December 2. Organized by the Iranian Cancer Association, the conference provides an opportunity to experts to learn more about global experience in diagnosis and treatment of the dangerous disease.

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